Senior Finance and Admin Officer at Italian Association for Aid to Children – CIAI


CIAI, Italian Association for Aid to Children (CIAI) is an Italian NGO established in Italy in 1968. It has been recognized as non-profit organization in 1981 (by Decree of the President of the Italian Republic N. 899), and as Italian NGO on August 2nd 2000 (by Decree of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs n. 2000/337/0035875). In Ethiopia CIAI has been first registered in 2003, and has been re-registered under the Agency for CSOs n°1123 of May 14th 2019 (Civil Society Organizations Proclamation n°1113/2019). Since its recognition in Ethiopia, CIAI has been closely working with governmental and non-governmental partners in order to upgrade their capacities to foster the wellbeing of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. In its projects CIAI strives to guarantee the access to quality education and protection services through direct support to children, families, communities and local authorities. CIAI always works in close relation with communities and local authorities to foster ownership and create a sustainable safe and conducive environment for children in the Country. CIAI is currently working in Addis Ababa, Oromia Regional State and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State.

CIAI ​​is a Child safe organization and is committed to the safeguarding and protection of children. The selected candidate will be asked to adhere to the organization’ standards and principles, and sign the organization Child Safeguarding, the Protection Policy and related documents, providing in advance also his/her job references, letter of interest, updated CV and criminal record. Level of Contact with Children: Low-Medium (Potential contact with children and young people when carrying out research and testing). The candidate will be expected to:

  • assist the Country Admin and Finance Head (CAFH) to plan, coordinate and execute the finance & administration functions of the organization;
  • together with the CAFH assists the Project Field Teams in designing and executing the project financial planstheir reporting and filing of all pertinent documents;



  • Assists the CAFH to organize, plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the operations of the Financial, Administrative and Human Resource Management Services of the organization in Ethiopia as per the guidelines, policies and procedures, taking into account the current national laws and regulations, the advices and suggestions submitted by the auditors, and the need of the organization’ Headquarter;

Human Resource Management

  • Maintain and update all staff files and make sure that all essential documents such as vacancy announcement, accepting, screening, examination, review, selection, clear requirement, job description, and credentials of education, experience and others are properly recorded and documented.


Supports the CAFH to:

  • Make sure that all the organization properties such as vehicles, building, equipment are duly insured, furniture and supplies are properly handled, their use well documented.
  • Control and insure whether properties/resources of the organization are used according to the CIAI guidelines and the “3E principles” (effective, efficient, economical) by the employees of the organization.
  • Control and mak sure that all procurements are performed according to the procurement guidelines and standard practices, both from the the organization’s, donors’ and the country’s authorities perspective.
  • Control and take part in the procurement processes of goods and services that shall be supported by Performa, price quotations, invoices or bids.
  • Make sure that inventory of the organization found in A.A and project offices are performed, coded & updated periodically.
  • Help identify the assets devoid of economic and/or use value and their removal from the inventory list according to laws and regulations applied at the Country level.


Supports the CAFH to:

  • Check each and every single receipts received and as per the appropriate accounting system used by the organization.
  • Calculate the projects burn rates expenditure against budget and assistance of the project Teams in the design and update of the projects’ the cash flow plan.
  • Reconcile the cash in banks, cash on hands and cash in safe of the organization.
  • File and scan all financial documents such as bank statements, deposit slips, bank advices, cheque payment vouchers and other relevant documents of the organization.
  • Prepare monthly payrolls sheets by incorporating monthly salaries, benefits, bonus, holiday pay, overtime
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual financial reports and submit to the Country Administrator and Finance Manager.
  • Prepare all payments, which are due to the government (such as employment income tax, withholding tax, pension contribution) and submits it for the review by the Country Admin and Finance Manager.
  • Draft and submit to CFAH reports for donors and LA as per the requirements.


  • Assist the CAFH undertake internal audit.
  • Prepare and update all necessary documents for internal and external audits.
  • Assist the CAFH undertake external audit and provide the necessary supporting documents.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by his immediate supervisor.


  • Ethiopian citizenship and / or foreigner if holding an Ethiopian origin ID.


  •  Periodic activity/performance reports of finance & administration


  • Closely work with the CAFH
  • Work in collaboration with coordinators and managers of the various programs of the organization

Amendment of the Job Description

  •  This job description is subject to revision, updated and/or amendment as necessary with or without any change in position category and grade level.


  •  Salary will be defined according to organization’s salary scale and budget availablity.

Work Unit: Coordination Office

Reports To: Country Admin and Finance Head (CAFH) & Country Representative

Staff under supervision: Cashier, Project Field Accountants, Guards, Cleaners, Logistic Officer, Driver

Contract: 6 months (renewable), 60 days probation period

Job Requirements

Academic Qualification

  •  BA/MA Degree in Accounting and Finance

 Work Experience

  • Previous experience of 3-5 years in the Development Cooperation sector. Preferable experience in the same function in local or international non-governmental organizations

Desirable Trainings

  • Leadership, Team Building, Performance Management, Interpersonal Relationship are advantageous, Computer literate

Required Skills

  • Leadership, Supervisory & Coordination skills, time management, flexibility, advanced computer skills (Microsoft Office) and knowledge of accounting systems

Language Proficiency Minimum Standards

English Language

  • Reading: proficient
  • Writing: proficient
  • Speaking: proficient
  • Listening: proficient

Amharic Language

  • Reading: fluent
  • Writing: fluent
  • Speaking: fluent
  • Listening:  fluent

Italian Language: the basic knowledge, or the conversant level skills of Italian language is an additional but non-compulsory standard required for the position.

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