Deputy Field Coordinator

Location Gambela, Ethiopia
Date Posted March 26, 2020
Category Business Development
Facility Management
Job Type Contract
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As a registered charity, founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger operates in 50+ countries. The international network of Action Against Hunger is represented in France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, USA and India. Teams in the field combat hunger on 4 fronts: Nutrition and Health, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Water, Sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and Mental Health and Care Practices (MHCP).

For our Operation in Gambella, we are currently looking for the following professional:

Deputy Field Coordinator

 I.  Summary of position


Support the Management and coordination of the base and the sub-base(s) in order to maximise

Action Against Hunger impact and address the needs within the area.


The Deputy Field Coordinator role’s purpose, engagement and delivery is:

·  Purpose (The substantive focus of the job encompassing scope, depth and difficulty of work both conceptual and applied)

Over all Support the base management and coordination in all areas of implementation in the base (sub base and refugee camps) and Nguyyiel. Ensuring support and program departments are running their activities as per the organizational procedures and all policies are respected. Support Field coordinator on safety and security issues in the base and in the absence of field coordinator responsible, to manage all the security related issue in the base with the coordination of capital office.

·   Engagement: (The focus of interaction both internally and externally needed to deliver a service seek collaboration and build effective partnerships)

The position holders shall communicate and coordinate with Field Coordinator; capital office, all managers both support and program, all staffs and eternal partners in the absence of field coordinator.

·  Delivery: (The focus on the execution of the work and the role on the team for supporting business/operational functions in terms of timeliness and quality)

Objective 1: support departments supervision at all operational areas (HR; LOG; FIN


-       Ensure all processes are in line with Action Against Hunger and donor procedures; follow up on the Compliance check-list and other documents and guidelines towards full compliance of internal and donor procedures.

-       Support base finance department to ensure proper implementation of financial policies and procedures, including proper documentation, planning and execution of base financial plans and expenditures.

-       Together with the FC, closely monitor Budget Follow-Ups and ensure costs of Programs and support departments are accurately captured and projections are properly done for full budget expenditure.

-       Support base Logistics department in implementation of ACF-US Log Procedures and Kit Log and donor procedures.

-       Support smooth running of all logistics operations at base, including Supply chain (timely Procurement and ware house management), proper Fleet Facility management, Asset and equipment management, lT & communication, Energy, Construction and Rehabilitation.

-       Support the Base HR department ensuring proper implementation and adherence to HR policies, procedures and guidelines, ensuring that all staff are sensitized, understand and adhere to Action Against Hunger policies.

-       Participate in recruitment processes and induction of new staff, and Support the creation and adherence to annual leave ptan of staff.

-       ln collaboration wlth Base HR, ensure that lntemal Regulation, Convention on social Benefits and working conditions and other policies are properly implemented and adhered to at all times.

-       Together with the Field Coordinator and other Managers at base level, actively participate in timely workforce planning and organogram revisions, including incentive worKorce.

-       Support the integration among the support departments, organize and chair support departments meetings at Base level, with Program Department participation as per need.

-       Ensure monthly reports from FIN, LOG and HR departments are submitted timely and accurately.

-       Ensure timely planning and input from support departments during proposal planning/development stage, development of master BoQs and regular update of master BoQs.

-       Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

Objective 2:  Support program implementation at all operation areas (base,)


-          in absence of the FC, support overall base program management closely working with and supporting the base program managers, including planning,

-          proposal development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, Reporting and program close-up.

-          Ensure smooth communication between Program and support departments in setting up and follow up of Program Management tools, such as PPPs; SPs, BFU.

-          Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

Objective 3: Participate in the overall management of the Safety and Security of staff and premises at the Base and sub-base(s) and areas operation and closely follow humanitarian context develooment at Reeional level


-          Regularly assess the safety and security situation of staff and office in operational areas in line with Risk Analysis Matrix and follow up the instalment, and compliance with safety and security measures at operational areas.

-          Ensure that offices and guesthouses meet ACF-US minimum standards.

-          Participate in Regular updates of Base Security PIan documents, including hibernation and evacuation plans, when necessary.

-          Support information sharing environment to ensure staff if informed of relevant security context changes and developments.

-          ln the absence of the Field Coordinator, be the focal point for security management at Base level, ensure implementation of security procedures and directly manage security incidents and reporting with the supervision of Country Director, Deputy Country Director-Support and Country Logistics Manager.

-          Support the Field Coordinator in base security mana8ement and Management of security indicents;

-          ln the absence of the Field Coordinator, provide detailed Security Briefings forvisitors of the Base, in line with ACF-US security Briefing package.

-          Collaborate with the FCO on the management of security incidents;

-          In the absence of the Field Coordinator, participate in base level security coordination meetings.

-          Support the Field Coordinator in following and analysis the regional humanitarian and security context using all available sources (staff: authorities; key informants; RCC, iNGOs; UN Agencies).

-          Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

Objective 5 : lntemal and Extemal Coordination and Representation of Action Against Hunger

Activities :

-          Regularly (once a month, with at least one week stay) visit sub-base(s) and support internal and external coordination and communication between base and subbase(s).

-          ln close collaboration with the FC, activity participate in humanitarian coordination meetings at base/sub-base(s) level. Actively participate in technical meetings where appropriate. .

-          Participate and/or Chair Base Coordination Meetings, ensuring minutes are shared and Action Points are followed up;

-           ln close collaboration with the FC, Represent Action Against Hunger to the authorities. Monitor, supervise and strengthen partnerships with relevant govemmental bodies at Regional, Zonal, worreda and camp level, ensuring

-          Smooth and fruitful communication and coordination (ARRA; RHB; agriculture bureau; etc.). Ensure FC and relevant Managers are regularly briefed on new developments. . Support, and in absence of FC, Lead successful Donor visit at base/sub-base(s) level.

-          Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

Objective 5 : Team Management


-          Follow up the base HR on identification of staff training needs and ensure proper communication of those needs with AA HR.

-          Make sure that trainings are timely organized.

-          Support Base Logistics Manager to organize light staff get-together every two months.

-          Organize light get together events and annual team building exercise.

-          Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

Objective 6: Reporting and communication


-          Work closely with MEAL Specialist and Program managers to support the production of quality internal and external program reports.

-          Ensure timely and proper reporting of support departments, to produce quality

-          Monthly Logistics Report, Monthly Finance Report, Monthly HR Report.

-          Other responsibilities as per the FC direction.

-          Conduct field visit at least three days  per week or stay Pugnido for one week per month

II.  Supervisory Responsibilities

-          Assist  FC and or Manage  Program and support departments


Job Requirements

Educational / Professional Background Degree: Bachelor's degree in humanitarian related fields and five years of experience in managing operations and programs. Experience in international NGO's and emergency programs is advantageous.

Required skills: • Computer skills in Word, Excel and Outlook and Microsoft office package,

• written and spoken English,

• Good relation and diplomatic qualities,

• analytical capacity,

• Capacity to organize work and supervise teams,

• Problema solving skills,

• Good in communicating with people and in building strong team spirit,

• willingness to work and live in a difficult operating environment.

• Knowlegde of the intervention context and ability to anticípate contextual changes;

• Capacity to understand a situation and show authority where needed;

• Rigour;

• Integrity;

• Excellent multitasking skills;

Applying Instructions

If you are interested, please send your application composed of: none returnable CV, Covering Letter with “Deputy Field Coordinator” written in the subject line, and two references, applicants to the following addresses:

  • Directly In Person to Action Against Hunger,  Gode, Sekota, Gambella, Mega,  Hararghe  or Wollega Offices

Deadline: 03 April 2020 before 5:00 pm

“Women Applicants Are Highly Encouraged”


NB: Only short listed applicants will be communicated on and selection process includes technical test and an interview.

WARNING: Do not to pay any money to get a job. Please report fraudulent jobs to