Call for Application for a Situational Analysis

at Light for the World
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date Posted January 30, 2020
Category Consultancy
IT / Information Technology
Job Type Full-time
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Light for the World is a global disability & development organization  operating in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and South Sudan amongst other countries. In Ethiopia, in 2010, Light for the World has been registered with a registration No. 1706. Its vision is an inclusive society where no one is left behind. Its core programs include comprehensive eye health services, elimination of neglected tropical diseases, inclusive education for children with disabilities, disability-inclusive community development and disability mainstreaming to enable persons with disabilities to participate equally in society in five regional states of Ethiopia namely: Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Somali and Tigray and one city administration, Addis Ababa.

Light for the World supports partners to implement projects in line with its core program areas as well as government’s development priorities needs. The support of Light for the World is not only financial but also involves technical support in the area of project planning and management through capacity building, training and regular supportive supervision so that partners can provide quality services. Most of our partners are regional health bureaus, government hospitals, public universities and non-governmental organizations which are engaged in the implementation of comprehensive eye health services, elimination of neglected tropical diseases (trachoma, onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis) and rehabilitation and inclusion of persons with disabilities through home based as well as institution-based rehabilitation services. Light for the World Ethiopia Office has currently a total of 28 staff across all thematic areas, 16 in Addis, 7 in Tigray, 3 in Western Oromia, 1 in Amhara and 1 in the SNNP Regional States.

Background of the situational analysis

Light for the World International, Ethiopia country office, is in the process of developing its upcoming five years strategic plan (2021-2025) and would like to conduct a situational analysis that provides guidance to its strategic development. The situational analysis will focus on current and future policy environment and understand opportunities and challenges that impact the implementation of existing policies and strategies pertinent to Light for the World’s mandate areas (Eye health and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD), Inclusive Education (IE), Disability Inclusion in Community Development (DICD) and Inclusive Economic Empowerment and come up with solid recommendations going forward.  Further to this, the situational analysis will be able to identify the needs of its government partners about system strengthening.  The target group for this analysis will be selected civil society organizations, government stakeholders at national regional, zonal and district level in selected regions. This Situation Analysis will be two-fold: (1) a desk review that serves to gather up-to-date baseline data to be used subsequently in informing the development and implementation of the country's strategic plan (2) qualitative data collection, through key informant interviews with staff, practitioners and decision makers. The data will be collected through face to face discussion using semi structured interview questionnaires.  The consultant would lead the process of conducting the situation analysis, working in close cooperation with Light for the World. Light for the World will inform the selected stakeholders to collaborate on the consultancy work. Currently, Light for the World is conducting an evaluation of the current strategic plan with the aim to reflect on the strengths and challenges of implementation – and to use the information to inform our country strategies going forward. Hence the deliverables from the situational analysis will complement the findings from the evaluation team and will give us a full picture to develop the next country strategy.

The following will be the key questions that the situational analysis will respond to;

a.       What are the available policies and strategies on each of Light for the World Mandate areas that will influence Light for the World’s intervention in the coming years?

b.       Are these policies rolled out to regions, zones and districts and being materialized and benefited women, men, boys and girls including people with disabilities equally; if this is not the case, what are the barriers encountered in this regard and what are the proposed solutions for that to happen

c.       Identify and collect all relevant information and data for Light for the World to make strategic and programmatic decisions in the areas of advocacy, capacity building, technical support, financing and networking so as to  to strengthen the government system and better support sectoral policies and strategies;

d.      Identifying areas of interventions  that geared towards greater government ownership in Light for the World mandate areas

Scope of the Situational Analysis

This situational analysis will be focusing on Major Light for the World programs and partners. Comprehensive eye health and Neglected Tropical Disaeas, Inclusive Education, Disability Inclusion in  Community Development ( CBR) and Inclusive Economic Empowerment. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute, Job Creation commission and their respective structures down to the district level (if applicable)  will be interviewed. Amhara and SNNPR will be target regions for this task. Moreover, three civil society organizations, including DPOs, based in Addis Ababa will take part in this analysis. A total of 22 (9 federal, 5 regional, 4 zonal and 4 district level) institutions will be targeted for this assignment and 44 individuals will be interviewed from these institutions.

Data Sources

Both secondary and primary sources of data will be consulted to gather the necessary data needed for the analysis.

Secondary Data Sources and Documents

  • Secondary data and documents will be collected from several sources ranging from light for the world, partner organizations and other relevant stakeholders. The secondary sources of data are believed to provide much of the required information for country situation analysis. The following are some of the key documents identified for review, by focusing on Light for the World mandate areas,at this stage:
  • Light for the World strategic framweork (2016-2020) and (2021-2025); Current Country Strategic Plan of Light for the world Ethiopia (2016-2020); 3 subsequent years Annual work plans of the Ethiopia office 2018-2020; to avoid ducplication of effort between the current country evaluation, TOR of the country evaluation will be shared.
  • Constitution of Ethiopia; Social Wellbeing Policy of Ethiopia;National Social Protection Policy(Draft);National Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II); Health Sector Transformation  Plan; Health Sector Transformation/Development Program Performance Reports; Education Sector Development Program; Education Sector Development Program Performance Reports; World report on disability; Demographic and Health Survey; Welfare Monitoring Surveys; National Plan of Action of Persons With Disabilities (2012-2021); UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Optional Protocol to the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Country Programs of International Organizations such as UN Agencies, World Bank and others the consultant belives in getting relevant information on Light for the Wordl Madante areas.

Primary Data Sources and Data Gathering Methods

Primary data will be gathered through indepth interview from various stakeholders. The list of these key stakeholders include Light for the world’s relevant stakeholders at federal, regional, zonal and district government agencies; DPOs and CSOs.


  • Review Light for the World’s strategic framework and country strategy plan (2016-2020); global strategic framework (2021-2025) and annual plans for the period 2018-2020
  • Based on the review, develop inception report to Light for the World
  • Review of key policies, strategies, roadmaps and relevant document
  • design primary data collection tools and present to Light for the World for review and approval
  • conduct fieldwork
  • conduct in-depth analysis and generate a draft report for review by Light for the World. The draft report should contain an executive summary, main findings, conclusions and recommendations;
  • conduct an internal validation workshop with Light for the World staff in the country office
  • incorporate comments from Light from the World and
  • submit a final report

Job Requirements

Technical and financial proposal should include:

  • The technical proposal contains justfications why you or your firm is suitable for this work (1 page), your understanding of the work/TOR (max 3 pages), brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment (max 2 pages); work plans along with a reasonable time frame (1 page),
  • Personal and/or organizational profile and CV/s
  • Work references - contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (firms for whom you’ve produced similar assignments);
  • Total fee for completed delivery of all stated outputs with a detailed breakdown of given costs.
  • The proposal must be submitted in separate sealed envelopes (the technical proposal in one envelope and the financial proposal in another envelope) but both envelopes placed in one large envelope

Person/firm specification

  • Minimum master’s degree in development studies, social science and other relevant disciplines with 8 years of relevant work experience
  • Knowledge and experience at least in one of Light for the World’s mandate areas is mandatory;
  • Experience of working internationally on develoment projects will have an added value
  • Authored reports published in international peer-reviewed journals is an asset

Time frame

The consultant should consider the following key dates while deciding to particicpate in this call for application and developing the technical proposal. Application deadline is 10th of February 2020. Light for the World should have the first draft report by 16th of March 2020.


Applying Instructions

Interested consultants or firms are invited to submit  technical and financial proposal  to undertake this evaluation to Light for the World Country office, Located at Africa Avenue/Bole Road, Bedesta Building 5th Floor, Room No. 502,P.O.Box: 27744; Telephone: +251 115 580458; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Application deadline is 10th of February 2020.

Up on your request, Light for the World will provide further documentations (strategic  framework, strategic plan, 3 years annual work plan of the Ethiopia country program). If you have any questions on the call for application, please send them to us through the below email  on the 31st of  January 2020. Light for the World will respond to all your questions on the 3rd of February  2020. For all communications, please use this email address ‘

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