Consultant on Assessment on issues of Pastoral Land Governance:

at Forum for Social Studies
Location Oromia, Ethiopia
Date Posted March 27, 2020
Category Agriculture
Job Type Full-time
Currency ETB



A “Land for Life”-Initiative (LfL) has been established since 2018 with the objective of strengthening existing multi-actor partnership working on land governance. While the initiative was originally established to work for Oromia region, it has now the potential to be a national network. The initiative has steering committee (SC) and three technical working groups working on three priority thematic areas. Land for Life Initiative identified the activities that need to be undertaken by and what it demands. This has required engagement of a consultant.


  • Assess the existing policies and laws as well as customary practices and institutions regarding communal/pastoral land tenure and governance;
  • Assess how these policies and practices impact on the land rights and livelihoods of pastoralists and related communal land users;
  • Identify potential advocacy issues pertaining to pastoral tenure security and governance, with a view to enhancing pastoral land rights and livelihoods.

Scope of the work

With a focus on pastoral/communal and tenure in the Oromia National Regional State, the consultant(s) will undertake the following:

  • Assess the context of pastoralism in Oromia Regional State.
  • Inventorize the existing policies, laws and related instruments and procedures pertaining to pastoral land access and governance, and assess their strengths and limitations;
  • Through a scrutiny of the customary institutions and practices of communal land governance, assess their continued potency and relevance in the face of changing circumstances;
  • Assess how inclusive, accountable, and relevant the existing formal land governance institutions and procedures are with regard to meeting the land rights and livelihood requirements of pastoral communities;
  • Assess how far internationally accepted standards and rights are incorporated in local policies and procedures with regard to pastoral land access and governance;
  • Assess the land use changes in the pastoral areas, and identify the internal and external factors contributing to this change;
  • Identify the specific requirements and peculiarities of pastoral tenure systems in the overall national and regional land legislation framework (e.g. mobility, seasonal variability, diversification….);
  • Identify overall issues of land administration as they pertain to pastoral/communal land tenure;
  • On the basis of the above, identify areas of improvement, and identify potential advocacy issues.
  • Participate in LfL events


The assignment will have the following deliverables:

  • An inception report setting out the consultant’s overall approach to the assignment, methodology and timelines.
  • Draft Report following completion of field engagements
  • Full Report, including recommendations (50-70 pages)
  • Presentation of findings
  • Final report after integrating comments
  • Policy brief (not more than four pages) based on the guideline (for each areas of assessment)

Job Requirements

Competencies and Qualifications 

  • At least 7 years work experience in the field of pastoralist governance and land law
  • Knowledge and experience in the land related challenges of pastoralist and policy making process
  • Knowledge and experience in pastoralist areas, specifically in Oromia regional state
  • Knowledge and experience both at policy and practice
  • Demonstrable report writing skills

Level of effort

  • Start the overall work within five days of the singing of the contract agreement
  • Submit the draft report within 40 days after contract agreement
  • Submit the final report within 10 days reflective feedback


Applying Instructions

Selection criteria

  • Applicants will be identified from their prior engagement against their capacity, technical and financial proposal to carry out the assignment.

Application procedures

A Technical proposal (not more than 5 pages) which will include:

  • Competency / previous experience in carrying out the activities described (with relevant experience)
  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Methodology for the implementation
  • Indicative work plan to complete this assignment
  • Quality assurance systems
  • CVs of the team proposed for this assignment

A Financial proposal indicating fees and breakdown of all expenses related to this assignment,

Provision of Company Legal Requirements

  • Valid Trade Licence
  • Valid and certified Tax Registration Certificate

Submission and requests for clarification

Submit documents (all pages stamped) in hard copy at LfL secretariat (Forum for Social Studies) office locates around Kebena shell, Phone: +251(0)11-1545605/06 or +251911117316

For further clarification you can email with: or

The deadline for submission of the proposal is on 10th April 2020.

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