Facilitation of a Training and Development of a Manual on Integrated Catchment Management,Wetlands Restoration&CR WASH

at Wetlands International
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date Posted September 19, 2020
Category Consultancy
Job Type Contract
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Wetlands International is dedicated to safeguarding and restoring wetlands for people and nature. We are driven by the knowledge that safeguarding and restoring wetlands is urgent and vital for water security, biodiversity, climate regulation, sustainable development and human health.

Wetlands International is a legally registered international NGO operating in Ethiopia (registration number 4143). Through the WAI consortium and the AMREF Health Africa’s lead, Wetlands International in Ethiopia is implementing the Climate Resilient WaSH Component of the Netherlands WaSH SDG consortium project.  The Consortium program in Ethiopia working on achieving sustainable and equitable use of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) through improving behaviour change interventions leading to sustainable and equitable access to WASH; Strengthening the WASH governance and institutional framework leading to governments enabling efficient and effective delivery of inclusive and sustainable WASH services through enabling the public sector through enhancing WaSH governanace, effective planning and monitoring systems, and developing climate resilient WASH infra-structures and Effective WASH markets.

The wetlands International Ethiopia Project Coordination Office in Ziway town is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the WaSH SDG project the intervention areas of Arsi Negele and Shashemene Zuria woredas in the West Arsi Zone and Adami Tulu Jedo Kombolcha district in the East Showa Zone of Oromia Region.

Purpose of the Terms of Reference

Catchment area  can be defined as the A drainage basin or catchment basin is an extent or an area of land where all surface water from precipitation converges to a single point at a lower elevation, where the stream joins another body of water, such as a river, lake, reservoir, estuary, wetland, sea, or ocean. A catchment is a hydrological area where all surface water converges to a single exit point at a lower elevation, Also defined as an area from which surface runoff is carried away by a single drainage system.Catchments can be defined based upon a number of factors, including distance to the facility, actual travel time to the facility, geographic boundaries or population within the catchment. In a distance based catchment, the area serviced will often depend on the number of visits expected to that institution by each individual.

The study of erosion and sediment yield from catchment is of utmost importance as the deposition of sediment in reservoir reduces its capacity, thus affecting the water available for the designated use. The eroded sediment from catchment when deposited on streambeds and banks causes braiding of river reach. The removal of top fertile soil from catchment adversely affects the agricultural production and silt laden water affect the turbine blades thereby affect the hydro power production. Another important factor that adds to the sediment load is due to grazing of animals. A large number of cattle, sheep, and goats graze the pastures continuously for about six months in a mountainous region. The lack of proper vegetal cover is a factor, which causes degradation and thereby results in severe run off/soil erosion, resulting in premature siltation of the reservoir. Thus, a well-designed Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan is essential to ameliorate the above including process of soil erosion. The catchment area treatment involves the understanding of the erosion characteristics of the terrain and identifying/ suggesting remedial measures to reduce the erosion rate. For this reason, the catchment area responsible for directly draining rivers, streams, tributaries, etc. are treated and the cost is included in the project cost.

This ToR is developed to facilitate the development of a training manual and facilitation of a training workshop on “Integrated Catchment Management, Wetlands Protection and Climate Resilient WASH provision in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia”.

Specific Objectives

  •  Developing a training manual on catchment restoration, IWRM and sustainable and climate resilient WASH in the project area.
  •  Facilitation of  five days training workshop for participants
  •  Submitting training report

Suggested Topics/Themes

  • Integrated Catchment Management/Catchment Area Treatment
  •  principles, approcahes, multiple benefits
  • Demarcation of catchment area
  • Water catchment protection follows a logical step-wise approach
  • Biological and physical soil conservation structures
  • Policy and institutional frameworks for Integrated Catchment Management
  • Landscape Approach:  Key Concepts, Principles
  • IWRM/Integrated Watershed Management
  • Wetland Ecosystems
  • Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration
  • Water and Climate Smart Agriculture in the CRV


The consulting team is required to deliver the following

  • Technical and finanacial proposals in separately sealed envelopes
  • Training manual
  • Presentation materials
  • Facilitation of the training workshop in shashemene/arsi Negelle
  • Training report

Job Requirements

Required expertise for the study

The assignment will require a multi-disciplinary and reliable team of experts

  • A mix of experienced professionals on IWRM, Geography/Landscape Studies, Environmental Studies, Wetland Science, CR WASH, Development Studies
  • Proven track record in developing training manuals
  • Experience in facilitating high level trainings
  • Proven track record in report writing


Applying Instructions

Suitable candidates/consultants are expected to submit their technical and financial  proposals to ddegafe@wetlands-eafrica.org with cc to aadem@wetlands-eafrica.org .    In addition, Applicants are required to submit hard copies of their technical and finanacial proposals in separately sealed envelopes to the Wetlands International Office located in 22 Area, Congo Zemachoch Sefer- on the road diverting from Lex Plaza building and ledaing to Balderas Condominiums. Tel +251-0116-672979

Application closing date is 10 calendar days after the date of announcement of this bid in the Ethiojobs Website.

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