Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – PHC

at Amref Health Africa
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date Posted March 31, 2022
Currency ETB


Job Overview
Under the direct supervision of PHC program Director, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer is responsible to provide technical support and guidance in the design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes, activities, and deliverables of PHC projects and programs assigned to her/him within Amref Health Ethiopia in Ethiopia country office. S/he is responsible to plan and coordinate all the monitoring and evaluation activities of projects and programs assigned to her/him in collaboration with the designated Program/Project Manager, Finance and other relevant staff and documenting program/project reports, learnings, etc.

2. Specifics Roles and Responsibilities

2.1 Technical support (LOE-15%)

2.1.1 Actively involve and support PHC projects and or program staff during the preparation of annual plans, biannual revisions and quarter plan to make sure that the plan is realistic, complete and complies with agreed donor requirements and also check quarter plans before approval.

2.1.2 Supports PHC projects and/or program managers/heads or directors under her/his portfolio during planning, implementation and reporting.

2.1.3 Ensure and review PHC projects and/or programs planned their annual and quarterly plans on time and as per required quality (workable and realistic plan to achieve intended project objective), and review revisions.

2.1.4 Review PHC projects and/or programs activity plans (annual, quarter), follow for the timely submission of project activity annual and quarterly plans.

2.2 Monitoring and Evaluation (LOE-65%)

2.2.1 Undertake monthly and quarterly (as necessary lesser frequent) performance reviews and provide feedback to PHC projects and/or programs managers to regularly monitor the implementation of planned activities.

2.2.2 Track project and/or programs progress, performance, joint monitoring and data quality assessments which aim to track progress, identify problems, support project and/or programs staff, extract lessons and provide feedback and information for decisions.

2.2.3 Ensure intensive utilization of M&E tools by PHC projects to monitor progress, evaluate performance and share reliable data for decision-makers, develop M&E tools for new projects, and conducting regular supportive supervision, and organize projects and/or programs review meetings.

2.2.4 Participate in the monthly project performance review meetings and provide feedback to PMs.

2.2.5 Track and review the project's performance implemented under her/his portfolio to ensure project activities are being implemented as planned and inform the project/program on the status of progress, challenges (data collected monthly from projects and/or programs using monthly project and/or programs tracking sheet).

2.2.6 Compile and submit ChSA and partners reports on regular bases (including plan); Review and compile TBP reports to be sent to HQ; Review quarter/biannual/annual donor reports and provide inputs, information and statistics for quarterly, annual and other reports i.e. Review partner and donor reports and provide feedback to PMs, quality check and final share to Program Managers and MER Manager.

2.2.7 Develop systems and tools to enhance the quality of the PHC projects and/or programs in collaboration with Program Managers, as necessary.

2.2.8 Thoroughly review and compile projects' and/or programs’ reports to ensure the quality of a report to be submitted to Donor, government, HQ, TBP, CSA, Donor reports, ChSA reports projects signatories’ reports; Provide constructive feedback and comments for further clarification.

2.2.9 Collect regular quarter, bi-annual annual, and a final project and/or programs’ donor reports, review the reports and provide feedback to PHC projects and/or programs staff, follow for the final submission of the revised report as per the feedback given to share to the M & E Manager and Program Manager.

2.2.10 Follow up with the PHC project and/or programs staff to ensure donor reports are being submitted within the agreed time and with the agreed reporting template and with the required quality.

2.2.11 Collect and prepare regular internal reports (Monthly tracking sheet, quarter report, annual CHSA report and plan, quarter TBP reports, monthly CSA reports) and submit them to the next level within the time frame.

2.2.12 Review and compile PHC project and/or programs achievements on quarterly bases and check and make sure that the monthly tracking sheets are correctly filled.

2.2.13 Check assigned projects and/or programs for correct updating of AIMS on monthly basis; Update monthly data on AIMS and follow up with PMs.

2.2.14 Ensure proper use of M&E tools (including PMF, IRS, Conceptual Framework, Performance indicator, RQWB and tracking sheets) and apply Amref M&E tools for approved proposals.

2.2.15 Prepare M & E tools for the newly started project and revise as needed; Ensure donor M & E requirements are fulfilled and provide a timely response for required M & E deliverables (M & E plan, IPTT, etc.).

2.2.16 Archive soft and hard copies of PHC project and/or programs documents and update regularly; Identify lessons learned and assist the project team in developing case stories/studies to capture qualitative outputs of the project; Document project documents and lessons learned; Ensure documentation of project profiles (Basic project profile, agreements, reports, evaluation reports, research reports, etc.).

2.3 Project/Program Implementation support (LOE-15%)

2.3.1 Conduct joint periodic monitoring and supportive supervision at the field level to track progress, identify problems, support project staff, and extract lessons and provide feedback.

2.3.2 Regular supportive supervision of PHC projects and/or programs -audit of data on selected indicators; initiate project evaluation (baseline, MTE and ETE) as per approved plan, undertake a technical review of the TOR in line with the project log frame, request PR for advertising and review and comment evaluation reports support baseline evaluation for a newly commenced project and endline survey; Develop TOR for project evaluation if taken by the consultants, conduct rapid project performance assessment - technical review of the proposal in line with the project log frame and send to PM.

2.3.3 Take the leading role in the evaluation and research activities of the PHC project and/or programs conducted to enhance the implementation of projects (including TOR development, data collection tools, review of evaluations reports and selecting consultants) and conducting surveys.

2.4 Others (LOE-5%)

2.4.1 Support implementation of PHC project and/or programs as a backup during absence/limited program staff.

2.4.2 Support planning, procurement (fill PR through ERP and follow up on the procurement process), follow-up implementation of PHC projects and/or programs.

2.4.3 Prepare/review reports and communicate with responsible bodies.

2.4.4 Assist PHC project and/or programs officers in an advance request for project-based specific activities, other administration issues, etc.

2.4.5 Facilitate donor agreements, partner meetings; Facilitate letters for partners and other administrative issues as requested by Program Managers.

2.4.6 Facilitate the process of PHC project and/or program agreements with a partner organization (Government offices); Develop the project proposal and agreement in line with the government format, prepare letters, communicate with the regional government and submit the proposal, made follow-ups, incorporate comments and resubmit the agreement and proposal, follow and ensure for the final signing of the agreement.

2.4.7 Perform other relevant tasks as required.

3. Required Academic Qualifications and Training

Minimum of MSC Degree in relevant disciplines
Training in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Database management, etc. is preferred
Prior training in the application of M&E systems/programs such as SPSS is a must
4. Skills and Experience Requirements

Sound database management, analysis and interpretation skills
Proficiency in M&E applications such as SPSS is a must
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required
Familiarity in baseline, midline and endline evaluations
Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience
Prior NGO experience is desirable

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