National Consultant-Developing Advocacy and Communications Strategy for Statistics 2020/21 – 2025/26

Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date Posted April 8, 2020
Category Business Development
Job Type Full-time
Currency ETB


Improved statistical advocacy, communication and use of statistics in decision making are means for the development of national statistics. Raising awareness on statistics and mobilizing support for statistical system improvement promotes the culture of evidence-based policy and decision making, thereby, create demand for better statistics. Communication and advocacy of statistics incorporates the activities conducted to improve awareness, understanding and use of data. Hence, statistics are valuable only if they are used to assist in understanding of issues. Communication is needed to encourage their use and illustrate their value to different users of statistics.

In a nutshell, high-quality official statistical information is critical in analysis and informed decision-making to support sustainable development, openness and transparency, and planning, monitoring and evaluation of policies and strategies including gender empowerment interventions. But, without appropriate advocacy and communication strategies their value will not be realized and remains hidden to the general public in need of data to improve their day to day decision making and shape policy issues.

In Ethiopia, raw data is available, however, is not effectively utilized because of limited analysis that hinder decision makers to come up with policy and programmatic intervention. In most cases, gender statistics is not integrated into the regular data collection processes and system unless the issue is raised by gender experts and gender sensitive experts. On the other hand, whatever is available is not effectively utilized due to a number of factors. Among others, data produced in the form of survey reports or databases were not well communicated to the stakeholders and users might not know how to use databases and statistical reports as a result of user’s non familiarity on where and how to find these products. On the other hand, the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics II (NSDS II) 2015/16 – 2019/20 emphasizes creating awareness on the use of statistics and improving statistical launch?data accessibility as one of its strategic theme which demands effective and efficient advocacy and communication strategy for the national statistical system. Added to the advantage of timely communication and dissemination of statistical products the presence of the strategy is expected to create greater awareness and high profile for statistics, lead to improved demand for and use of statistics, improved investment in statistical development in a sustainable manner and increased collaboration, transparency, and coordination with data providers, producers and users which in turn inform the creation of an informed and knowledge based society and informed decision making. Therefore, the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), with the support of UN Women, is planning to develop an advocacy and communications strategy for statistics that will improve the promotion, dissemination and utilization of statistics both at CSA and the National Statistical System; there by improving user-producer relations and production of better statistics addressing the needs of data users

Duties And Responsibilities

Under the overall contract supervision of UN Women and direct supervision and technical support of CSA, Public Relation and Data Dissemination Directorate, the national consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Develop an action plan to guide and supervise the progress of the assignment under consideration;
  • Review and insight the CSA’s current practice and challenge in advocacy and communication of statistics;
  • Review the current practices and experiences of other countries as a background to develop the advocacy and communication strategy for statistics;
  • Prepare a contextualized and standardized advocacy and communication strategy for statistics that is comprehensive and standardized to accommodate the diverse needs of data users at all levels;
  • Present the draft Strategy document at a validation workshop for key stakeholders to collect inputs for final strategy document;
  • Complete and submit the final document of the advocacy and communication strategy for statistics; and
  • Provide training for CSA Staff and stakeholders within NSS on the advocacy and communication strategy.


  • Inception Report Clearly indicating how the consultant will develop the advocacy and communication strategy for Statistics and highlight of the components/ contents of the strategy.
  • Stakeholder’s analysis (identification of key stakeholders and their role in popularizing and implementing the strategy).
  • Follow up Action Plan/Matrix with clearly stated date of completion.
  • Presentation on the assessment of CSA’s current advocacy and communication practices of statistics.
  • Final Advocacy and Communication Strategy for statistics
  • A PowerPoint presentation and training materials on key components of the advocacy and communication strategy for statistics.

Institutional Arrangement/Reporting Relationships

The Consultant will work under the overall supervision of the UN Women coordination team for contract administration and CSA’s Public Relation and Data Dissemination (PRDD) and gender mainstreaming directorates. The PRDD office will provide technical support and guidance on a day to day basis. Resource materials for the assignment will be provided from CSA (working directives, highlight on the CSA’s roles and responsibilities in data production and dissemination, supporting documents). Moreover, the consultant should make his/her own efforts to communicate, understand and include the needs of sectors and institutions in the National Statistical System that produce administrative data. The Public Relation and Data Dissemination Directorate and Gender Mainstreaming Directorate, CSA will supervise the overall progress and performance of the consultant through continuous feedback and comments on the different versions of the advocacy and communication strategy for statistics. ?


  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UN Women;
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Treats all people fairly without favouritism;
  • Fulfils all obligations to gender sensitivity and zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Required Skills And Experience


  • The consultant must have master’s degree in journalism and communication, public relation or related fields with strong knowledge of statistics.


  • At least 7 years of professional experience in statistical data communication, strategy development for advocacy and communication of data and statistics, preparation of public relation and partnership documents at national level or related activities with strong background on the statistical system of Ethiopia.
  • Experience in advocacy and communication strategy development for statistics;
  • Knowledge of the Ethiopian statistical system;
  • Knowledge of gender issues and analytical work in international development;
  • Sound Experience and facilitation skill;
  • Familiarity with international frameworks for communicating statistical products;
  • Excellent communication, writing, and analytical skills;
  • Sensitivity, understanding of diversity, teamwork;
  • Previous experience in similar areas of work.?


  • Excellent knowledge of written and oral communication in English.
  • Computer skills: full command of Microsoft applications (word, excel, PowerPoint) and other relevant software based on the assignment


Applying Instructions

Application Process

Interested applicants must submit the following documents demonstrating their interest and qualification to conduct the assignment through email to: Esete Berile at CC: Yodit Hailemichael at .

  • Technical Proposal: A two-page methodology for the assignment which will be considered as part of the inception report if selected.
  • Financial Proposal: The prospective consultant will indicate all-inclusive?lump sum contract amount for the assignment in USD per delivery/output

Online application, personal CV and P11: In addition to the above indicated documents, interested applicants must submit their applications online through UN Women Online Recruitment System and fill and sign a P11 form and submit it on the online application with their regular CVs.

Note: -The term “All inclusive” implies that all costs (professional fees, travel costs, living allowances, communications, consumables, etc.) that could possibly be incurred by the Contractor are already factored into the final amounts submitted in the proposal

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