Programme Manager

at Concern Worldwide
Location Lagos, Ethiopia
Date Posted November 27, 2022
Category Management
Job Type Full-time
Currency ETB


Job Purpose

  • To ensure effective management and quality implementation of REGRADE II programme and other development related programme/projects implemented in Central Gondar, which includes both Livelihoods, Nutrition & Health and Resilience building including cross cutting issues like accountability, gender, inequality, HIV/AIDS and DRR .
  •   To provide appropriate training, technical and supportive supervision and appropriate guidance to staff on the proper implementation and management of the REGRADE II programme.
  •  Ensure strong and cordial working relationships established /maintained with different programmes/projects within the organization, relevant beneficiaries, local community, Government relevant sectors and NGOs at all levels - Zone and Woreda.
  •  To ensure effective and efficient budget planning, management and utilization of the (REGRADE) programme in accordance with Concern and donor rules & procedures;
  • To ensure partner programmes are in line with policies and strategies of Concern Worldwide, the Government of Ethiopia’s as well as the partners’ policies, targets, strategies and procedures
  •  To ensure Local partners/LNGO capacity is up to the level of standard to efficiently and effectively implement projects,
  • Monitor the programme implementation according to the plan and the required standard

Main duties & Responsibilities:

Management and leadership:

  • Provide proactive leadership and management to add value on REGRADE II and other programme/projects implemented in Central Gondar in line with the country development strategy.
  •  Provide close and appropriate technical and managerial support for Senior project officers and other programme team.
  •  Prepare detail and comprehensive activity, implementation and procurement plans and detailed budget with clear timeframes for the REGRADE II and other development programme/project implemented in central Gondar as per Concern Worldwide standards.
  •   Manage REGRADE II programme operations as per the quality standards and address sustainability factors to ensure long lasting project benefits for target population.
  • Build the capacity of the REGRADE II programme team in the understanding and implementation of different departmental techniques, through in-house training workshops, staff meetings, exchange visits etc. and leading by being role model.
  • Conduct situational analysis and prepare comprehensive report and submit to immediate supervisors and concerned staff for further action.
  • Collaborate with other team members in sharing information and ideas to ensure that the implementation of the REGRADE II programme complements with emergency, health and other related project activities within Central Gondar programme.
  •  Internalize and properly utilize the Programme analysis frame work in project development alongside application of different participatory approaches.
  •  Provide technical and supportive supervision to support Concern field staff and/ or project stakeholder to implement the activities with standard quality.
  • Ensure that cross cutting issues such as CRM, equality, gender, Environment, DRR, HIV & AIDS are incorporated or mainstreamed in projects at project design phase.
  • Work closely with partner staff to ensure that projects are implemented as per plan and budget.
  • Facilitate the implementation of relevant recommendations made by the area coordinator, PD/CD, stakeholders or visiting consultants.
  • Prepare working guidelines and provides technical & methodological support to REGRADE II programme technical staff.
  •  Facilitate good communication with REGRADE II programme local stakeholders.
  •  Responsible for partner’s capacity building efforts related to REGRADE II programme activities.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  •  The REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar indicators are clearly established and an effective M and E  plan is developed as well as systems that ensure effective data collection.
  • Support, actively participate and orient consultants undertaking technical support studies, surveys and evaluations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Concern’s REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar strategy, with regular field and desk monitoring of the REGRADE program activities.
  • Ensure that data management is simple and consistent allowing easy access and recall for performance management, evaluation and analysis.
  • Clear reporting responsibilities and timeframes established within the team allowing timely production of reports on expenditure and –in-kind support.
  • Design and develop appropriate databases in collaboration with MEAL department and properly collect, document and share the appropriate information.
  • Take lead in regular monitoring and evaluation activities of the program.
  • Prepare monitoring checklist and schedule and share with MEAL Department and sectoral Advisors on time.
  •  Conduct regular monitoring visits and organize discussions to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the programs.
  •  Plan and undertake regular technical and supportive supervision support field visit and ensure the implementation of the planned activities are in line with program document and standard quality.
  • Prepare and share monitoring and other technical support filed visit report on the major finding of the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar implementation


  •   Design and develop reporting format in collaboration with MEAL section and sectoral advisor and Program MEAL department for the REGRADE and another program/project implementing in central Gondar;
  • Work with the MEAL and Mainstreaming Cross cutting officers to ensure that M&E system provides appropriate and adequate information for learning and timely decision making and that staffs maintain systematic data collection and analysis.
  • Effectively use regular M&E feedback to adjust programming and ensure relevance.
  •  Conduct surveys, assessment related to REGRADE, and other program/project implementing in central Gondar, routine weekly and monthly data collection, operational research and other research undertaken under the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar.
  •  Guide the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar team to develop and use innovative approaches to monitor the performance of the program activities within Livelihoods and resilience and nutrition & health components.
  • Produce and share a monthly, quarterly report, plus an annual report for Concern, government and Donor of the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar which highlighting key progress, achievements and challenges.
  • Conduct Participate in the writing of surveys reports, technical reports or other reporting related to the different components of REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar;

 Networking and Collaboration,

  •  Work closely with the key Zonal and Woreda government sector offices as well as with the Zonal committee for Emergency, Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Agriculture, etc. committee.
  • Liaise with intervening partners (International NGOs, Consortium Partners-)
  • Promote and protect the reputation of Concern Worldwide in Ethiopia in external settings, ensuring that the organization’s experience and expertise well communicated and consistently presented, and that we looked to as a professional organization.
  •  Participate in various networks and collaboration forum with government and other relevant organizations related with the program for learning and experience sharing.


  • Design and implement appropriate methods/ways to mainstream all cross cutting issues like accountability, gender, inequality, HIV/AIDS, DRR and controlling the spread of COVID-19 in line with Concern Worldwide guidelines.

Safety and Security

  •  Respect the Ethiopia Standard Operating Procedures and ensure the safety and security of staff working under her/his supervision in line with the Security Management plan (SMP) and Safety First guidelines.


  • Participate in and support Management Team in strengthening coordination and collaboration within teams and across all teams, maintain and ensure constructive communications, contribute to a positive working environment.
  •  Work closely with Support and System staff in HR development and management, including setting objectives and conducting performance reviews of staff under her/his supervision, identifying training needs and supporting implementation of training and development plans.
  • Provide regular technical and supervision support or coach field staffs to build their capacity to perform their assigned roles and responsibilities;
  • Effectively manage staff under his/her supervision
  •  Prepare and review PDR for staff regularly as per Concern Worldwide HR manual.
  • Perform any other task as assigned by the line manager and/or PD emergency

Financial Management:

  •   Maintain overall responsibility for the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar budget management ensuring adherence to Concern Worldwide and donor rules & procedures and time tables for financial reporting;
  • Ensuring strict adherence to Concern Ethiopia Financial Procedures and Fraud Policy and  remaining within the boundaries of these policies at all times;
  • Prepare and communicate detailed budget plan of REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar in line with financial format [Donor and Concern Worldwide]
  • Responsible to control and ensure proper utilization of the budget allocated to each sector of the REGRADE  and other program/project implementing in central Gondar and ensure that activities are implemented according to quality required as per agreed plans;
  • Ensure that the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar budget are responsive to cost and value for money;
  • Check and ensure the financial utilization report from the management account is correctly in line with the narrative activity report and planned budget and provide feedback;
  • Ensure that the REGRADE and other program/project implementing in central Gondar budget utilization reviewed regularly and give proper feedback on timely manner using the management account.
  •  Responsible and take leading role to do REGRADE and  other program/project implementing in central Gondar budget revision as per the Concern Worldwide and donors time frame and communicate on timely manner     


  • Adhere to HR policies and procedures such as Programme Participation Protection policy & Code of Conduct, Anti-Fraud policy.
  • Involve in emergency intervention programmes when deemed necessary

Gender Equality

  •  Ensure that programme/project staffs have a strong understanding of gender mainstreaming and that gender mainstreaming tools are effectively implemented across all programmes/projects
  • Coordinate with the Gender Equality Coordinator in planning,  allocating and implementing a programme budget for gender mainstreaming
  • Ensure that programmes have a thorough gender mainstreaming design and plan from the conceptualization stage
  •  Ensure that gender mainstreaming is effectively implemented and monitored throughout the project cycle management process.
  •  Ensure that gender sensitive indicators and M & E plans are in place and that they are effectively monitored
  • Ensure quality reporting on gender mainstreaming in all programme reports


In line with Concern’s commitments under the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS):

  • actively promote meaningful community participation and consultation at all stages of the project cycle (planning, implementation, M&E);
  •  work with relevant colleagues  to ensure that the Complaints and Response Mechanism (CRM) is functional and accessible, that feedback and complaints are welcomed and addressed.
  • Work with relevant colleagues to ensure that information about CRM, safeguarding and expected staff behaviour is disseminated among programme participants and communities.

Emergency Response 

  • Concern is committed to responding to emergencies efficiently and effectively in order to help affected people meet their basic needs, alleviate suffering and maintain their dignity. To this end, when emergencies strike and the Ethiopia Programme is to respond, all staff are required to actively participate in the response, regardless of location and contribute to the efforts aimed at achieving the humanitarian objective of the organization

Job Requirements


MSc or BSc. degree in Rural Development and Planning, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihood or other related fields with minimum of 3 years or 6 years relevant experience respectively in an emergency & development context


  •   Flexible, reliable, culturally sensitive
  •  The ability to work in stressful environments and under pressure meeting deadlines.
  • Computer Literate, MS Office
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Self-Management and Leadership skill
  • Delivering Results
  • Planning and Decision-Making
  •   Creativity and Innovation
  • Influence, Advocacy and Networking

What we offer

  •   A competitive salary and benefit package
  •  Excellent medical benefits (100% cover including dependents)
  • 20 days annual leave
  • 26 weeks (paid) maternity leave, 18weeks(unpaid) parental leave
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