at Ethiopian National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy (ENAPAL)
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Date Posted August 4, 2021
Category Business Development
Facility Management
Social Sciences
Job Type Full-time
Currency ETB


Consultancy Services to conduct assessment of the situation of persons with disabilities and the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) in the intervention areas of We are Able (WaA!) project.


ENAPAL is a non-profit organization established by Ethiopian Persons affected by Leprosy. It was founded in December 18, 1996 with a vision to see a society free from discrimination where persons affected by leprosy and their families will live in dignity.  Currently, ENAPAL operates in seven regions of the country namely; Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Tigray, Dire Dawa, Harari and Addis Ababa with 7 regional and 70 local associations that comprise more than 20,000 fee-paying members. As legal entity, ENAPAL re-registered according to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Agency for Civil Societies Organization Proclamation 1113/2011 with reference No. 0100 to operate in the country.

Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD) is an Ethiopian Development Organization established in 2005 and reregistered at Agency for Civil Society Organizations as Ethiopian Development Civil Society Organization with Certificate № 0321 under the Proclamation № 1113/2019. ECDD is working with other organizations to promote and facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities and disability issues in mainstream service delivery and development programs envisioning an Inclusive Ethiopia where persons with disabilities exercise the same rights and have access to the same services and opportunities enjoyed by other citizens.

Ethiopian National Associations persons affected by leprosy (ENAPAL) and Ethiopian center for Disability and Development (ECDD) are currently implementing a consortium project entitled “We are Able!”  in four woredas of East Hararghe zone in Oromia National Regional State, Dire Dawa city administration, Harari regional state and three sub cities of Addis Ababa city administrations. The project designed with the objective to strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Organizations for Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in their lobby and advocacy for sustainable and inclusive access to basic resources, contributing to improved food security.

To achieve its objective, the project will work through three  strategically linked pathways-1) community mobilization where grassroots communities are empowered to effectively participate in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of food and nutrition security plans and community actions, 2) Strengthening CSO and OPDs where Local and inclusive CSOs/OPDs are actively involved, legitimate and have more ownership in lobby and advocacy at all levels and are able to influence the gender-sensitive local inclusion agenda (LIA) and improve equal rights and access to basic resources for all and 3) engaging local authorities where Local authorities are actively engaging with DPOs/CSOs to develop laws and practices and set norms for inclusive governance.

As part of activities shared for ENAPAL and ECDD through their lead partner, The Leprosy Mission International-Ethiopia (TLMI-E), it is planned to undertake an assessment on the situation of persons with disabilities in the intervention areas and to assess the capacity of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in addressing the needs of their members. To this end, ENAPAL jointly with ECDD would like to invite a consultant with a required qualification, expertise, and experience to conduct the planned assessment.


The purpose of this consultancy assignment is to assess the situation of persons with disabilities and the capacity of 30 OPDs in the intervention areas. Findings of the assessment will be used to design and deploy a tailored capacity building supports to persons with disability and their organizations in the “We are Able” project implementation areas.

III. Scope of the assignment

The consultant is expected to design and assess the overall situation (listed in detail below) of persons with disabilities and capacity of Organizations of Persons with Disability (OPDs) in four woredas of East Hararghe zone (Gursum, Deder, Babile/Bisidimo, Haromaya woredas), Harari Regional State, Dire Dawa City Administration, Addis Ababa City Administration (Gulele, Nefas-Silk, Lafto and Kolfe Keranio Sub Cities).

The scope of the assignment shall be categorized hereunder:

Scope 1: Assessing the situation of persons with disabilities in the intervention areas.   

  • Assessing the participation and decision-making power of persons with disabilities in social (educational facilities including TVET, community-based organization) and economic and political institutions.
  • Assess barriers that persons with disabilities face/block them not to improve their food security status in line with specific disability and vulnerability type.
  •  Assessing participation of persons with disabilities in government Productive SafetyNet, social protection, health insurance schemes and other food security related programs and project in the intervention areas
  • Assessing access to productive resources (Land, water, etc)
  • Assessing the involvement of persons with disabilities in political issues and their level of influence
  • Assessing   participation of persons with disabilities in organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs)
  • Assessing accesses to microfinance institutions and other income generation activities
  • Assessing accessibility, availability, utilization and sustainability of various public and private institutional services (health, education, livelihood, social etc) for persons with disabilities
  • Accesses to rehabilitation services
  • Access to justice services

Scope 2: assessing the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) in the intervention areas and provide feasible recommendation  

  • Assessing existence of OPDs and their organizational system (legal status, membership, leadership, financial capacity, policy and manual)
  • Assess functionality and operational capacity and scope OPDs
  • Assessing types of services given by OPDs and their outreach capacity
  • Conduct gender analysis of each DPOs and disaggregated membership composition
  • Assess and provide recommendation on sustainability of OPDs in line with the livelihood strategies each has been following
  • Challenges and opportunities to OPDs to extend support to members and promote inclusive development
  • Assess working relationship and linkage with government relevant sectors, NGOs, private sectors
  • OPDs communication, intra and inter-networking and partnership capacity
  • OPDs participation and lobby and advocacy activities/methods/approaches to the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities for access to basic resources to improve their food security status

III. Tasks /expected roles of the consultant

  • The consultant will be responsible, to perform the following activities:
  • Prepare a detailed inception report on the overall situational and capacity assessment. The inception report must include the overall survey design, methodology, data analysis tools, report structure and role of each team member of the consulting team.
  • Designing and deploying appropriate data collection tools and data management system.
  •  Assigning and Training of data collectors and supervisors
  • Managing the data collection work at field level and data entry activities
  • Preparation and submission of two separate documents on the situation of persons with disabilities and capacity assessment findings


The assignment will be implemented over a period of 30 Calendar Days starting from the signing of the contracts. Payment shall be made upon submission of deliverables as per the following millstones, and approval by ENAPAL and ECDD.


Payment InstallmentDeliverablesPortion
1st InstallmentUpon submission and approval of Inception Report with detailed methodology and work plan20%
2nd InstallmentUpon submission and endorsement of draft assessment document on the situations of persons with disabilities and the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities.40%
3rd InstallmentUpon submission of final assessment report.40%


Key deliverables of the assignment are summarized as follows:

  • Inception Report that includes methodology/tools and a clearly defined work schedule for the assignment
  • Draft assessment report with recommendations
  • Final draft report incorporating comments and inputs given by ECCD
  • Final two separate documents on the situations of persons with disabilities and the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities.

Job Requirements


  • At least a Master degree in development studies, sociology, community development and other relevant social science fields.
  • Experience in disability issues and disability inclusion agendas
  •  Strong understanding of the UNCRPD, other international human rights instruments, related domestic policies, and laws;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills both in afaan Oromo, Amharic and English.
  • Must have demonstrated experience of conducting similar assessment preferably on persons with disabilities, OPDs, etc
  • Must adhere to child safeguarding and adult-at-risk code of conduct of each organization.


Applying Instructions

Potential consultants and consulting firms who are interested to take the assignment are invited to submit their professional license, CV, technical and financial proposals with all the necessary documents through the following address

E-mail to enapahd@gmail.com or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope to the ENAPAL Office – Zenebewerk area, in front of Abunearegawi church, ALERT Center. Tele: +251-113211287 or through P.O.box: 70811, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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