Geoscientist & Senior Well Site geologist

Iam Geoscientist and senior well site geologist.
o At Part time I worked as an Operation geologist.
o I worked as Well Site geologist for DNO, Ocean Energy, BHP/GS, Golden Spike Energy and Clyde Expro.
o At Part time I Worked as an Operation geologist, Petrophysicist, upscale Well Logs, Property and Facies distribution (Geological modeling) for DNO Oil Company.
o I worked as Hydro geologist For Rural development Project.
o At the well site generating geological morning reports, end of well reports, wireline witness diaries and composite lithology. As an Operations Geologist receiving geological reports from the rigsite and attending operations meetings to liaise with reservoir/sub surface teams.
o Interpretation of drilling and geological data, including gas analysis, core description, hydrocarbon show analysis, and LWD/MWD/ wireline interpretation.
o At operations level supervision of contractor services, liaison with and input to coordination of geologically related matters pertinent to the well operations and formation evaluation.
o I worked as a well-site geologist for exploration, appraisal and production wells.
o Monitoring of drilling, MWD, Mud gas, Assessment of stratigraphic location, Optimal placement of well path, Reporting.
o Coring Supervision Equipment coordination, Coring operation supervision, Core description, Reporting.
o pick core and sidewall core points (and how to process them effectively).
o Pick Casing point.
o Operations geology, Pre-spud preparations, Post drilling sample preparation and storage.
o I am Specialist in Carbonate and Clastic Horizontal Drilling development, reservoir characterization.
o I have experience in fractured reservoir (Carbonates:Limestone-Dolomite Metamorphic & granite Basement).
o Geological supervision of exploration, appraisal and development wells.
o I was responsible for all geological and formation evaluation activity, Examination, Interpretation and description of rock cuttings and Oil shows, reporting and supervision during drilling.
o Monitor & manage mud logging, LWD, MWD, wireline logging and coring.
o Supervision and quality control of all mud logging activities.
o Review of offset wells to determine data acquired, subsurface risks.
o Handle and Preparing geological End of Well reports and composite logs Documents.
o plan the geological aspects of a well including well and data acquisition programmes.
o Samples and Sample Preparation: Collection and Preparation, Sample Types.
o Examination and Interpretation of rock Cuttings.
o Responsible for selection, quality analysis, LWD, EWL, Lithology determination, facies and depositional environment analysis, fracture detection.
o Quality control of LWD, Formation pressures and quick-look analysis (Shale indicators, Lithology Identification, Hydrocarbon type determination, Porosity determination, RW, SW, e.t.c).
o Qualified for samples in various types of oil and water based mud systems.
o Supervision vertical and horizontal drilling and associated formation evaluation.
o Evaluate formation pore pressures using wellsite derived data.
o Plan and execute fluid sampling.
o Evaluate prospect geologically.
o Post drilling assessment of the prospect.
o Integrate regional geology in the field studies, prepare appraisal & development well proposals.
o Responsible for all data related to geology in the field.
o Adjusting well trajectory from the original plan.
o Making Correlation of log signatures with drill cuttings at the site while drilling to create a greater degree of certainty regarding trajectory placement in the expected zone.
o Monitoring time and Optimal Placement of a Horizontal Well with Resistivity.
o Responsible for organizing the samples in the samples store.
o Supervision and reporting for all G&G trainee in the field.
o In the office I made interpretation for 2D seismic lines, time and depth structure maps.
o I have experience in petrophysical interpretation.
o I have experience in IP (Interactive petrophysics) Software to load log data and make quick look CPI log interpretation and compute porosity, Clay volume, Water Saturation and cutoff summation.
o Detailed petrophysical analyses of new wells in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs including net pay, porosity, permeability, water contacts for interest wells.
o Petrophysical data acquisition.
o Process raw well log data (splice & edit).
o Analyze well log measurements.
o I have experience in Petrel Software.
o Work on special software (Petrel) to establish a Facies Well logs, Facies Well correlation, Well template section, up scaled well logs, Well log facies and loading FMI in the Well correlation.
o Created new petrel project for Clastics, Carbonate and basement.
o Use property to make carbonate facies (thickness) for formation Oil bearing, Sand facies, Sedimentation environment and facies interpretation.
o 3D Facies distribution, Porosity, Water saturation and Permeability.
o Making dolomite and Limestone thickness well correlation and thickness model.
o Apply facies distribution.
o QC Geophysical field data.
o Excellent knowledge of computer

Last Resume Update September 12, 2020
Address Sana'a, Yemen
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Mar 1985 - Sep 1990

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