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PROFESSIONAL-SUMMARY: - I am holder of masters of public health/MPH/from Haramaya University and graduated from DEFENSE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in but degree of public health. And in April 18,2020 I have different certificate in Health emergency program from world health organization that is two record of achievement (COVID-19:operational & COVID-19 platform to support country preparedness&response and Introduction to covid-19:method s for Detection ,prevention,responses control )and in March 17,2021(six confirmation of particpation certfcat :clinical management of patients with covid-19-General considartion,infection prevention on&control (IPC)for covid-19 viries,introduction to go data-fild data collection chains of transmission &contact follow-up,covid-19 How to puton&remove personal protection equipment (PPE),SevereAcut respiration infection (SARI)treatment facility design&covid-19vaccine -specific resource )&Finaly in June 10,2020 two record of achievement(Standard precautions :waste management &Drug -resistance tuberculosis how to interpret&rapid molecular test results )palliative care training, TB/HIV Co-management training, HIV care(ART) data collection fill encoding & editing training, basic ART & monitoring & evaluation training & attendance international conferences on AIDS & STI) organized by different organization like( HAP-CO,CDC,DHD(Defense health department),WHO & UCSD-E,USAID, and MSH and university of California can Diego etc.)currently working As Data collector since February /03/2020 the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency on a study with a title: Evidence-Based Insurance Systems in Ethiopia
AS a general public health expert I have been working on program need assessment on the issue of any public health and related programs through providing measurement tool/indicators in order to follow /monitor the progress of the most target health problem. Through scientific qualitative and quantitative research, planning, monitoring and evaluation and program management skills with advance knowledge of epidemiology, statistical software packages and computer skills to provide conceptual framework and to prioritize the issues of public health means to prevent and control the problem from the root cause.:-Data collection activities will include household consumption assessment, health service utilization assessment, market survey, health facility assessments, and focus group discussion cs-pro software

Last Resume Update March 23, 2021
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